Future Endevours

Real Solutions Inc. is presently designing and publishing online courses that will be available on-demand to clients.  The courses will cover "Arc Flash and Electrical Safety Training"  for electrical workers,  and non-electrical workers who work on or near energized electrical equipment as well as for owners, managers, employers and regulatory authorities. Online courses will also be available for electrical workers, regulatory authorities, engineers and technologists covering topics such as grounding and bonding; conductor sizing; overcurrent protection; protective device coordination; short circuit analysis and other topics related to the design of electrical systems for residential, commercial, institutional and industrial facilities.

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our services

Real Solutions Inc. offers professional development training to engineers, technologists, electricians and other professionals in the electrical industry such as inspectors, non-electrical workers, management and regulators.

The training will allow consulting engineering personnel to upgrade their skills and expertise resulting in a more efficient workforce that will improve client services and relationships. One major benefit will be a significant reduction or elimination of design errors and omissions.

Electricians and electrical inspectors will upgrade and increase their knowledge of the Codes that govern their industry making them much more valuable to the companies and agencies that they work for. It will also allow their companies to meet Regulatory compliance.

Management will gain an in-depth understanding of the roles of their workers, their obligations with respect to ensuring the safety of their employees and the steps necessary to ensure compliance with regulatory authorities.

Real Solutions Inc. is an approved Engineering Institute of Canada (EIC) Provider and as such, can offer Continuing Education Units for courses completed.

We also provide Electrical Safety Audits to identify gaps and make recommendations on how organizations can meet Occupational Health and Safety compliance and we develop customized Electrical Safety Programs and Lockout/tagout programs complete with follow-up training for staff and management.

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