our vision

To maintain a long-lasting relationship with our clients based on exceptional professional service and customized engineering solutions that meets our clients' needs.

We take all necessary measures to ensure success by striving to meet and exceed our client's expectations.  Our instructors are well qualified with years of experience in their chosen field so they can apply the necessary expertise to ensure the highest professional standards.

Our team

Ray Stoodley is a Senior Electrical engineer with over 40 years experience in the design of electrical systems for commercial, institutional and industrial facilities. In the last eight years he has focused on the Electrical Safety field and has received training in the use of Arc Flash Analysis software, attended several Electrical Workplace Safety workshops and worked as an Electrical Safety Consultant performing electrical safety audits and electrical safety training for many clients.

what we do:

Our goal is to provide cost effective professional engineering solutions and professional development training to our clients.  The training is done locally in a classroom setting or at the client's facility resulting in reduced travel time and expense.  The result is an affordable solution to skills upgrading and continuing education for professionals.